More than 20 years, our team launch IT projects from idea to successful implementation.
We are the team of experts in IT consulting, software development, artificial intelligence, design and marketing.
Development consulting and digital marketing
IT consulting
Comprehensive analysis of IT products, processes, compliance and standards
starting from $10k
Develop a turnkey project, MVP with artificial intelligence onboard
starting from $35k
Create unique design - concept, CJM, prototypes and conduct
UI / UX testing
starting from $10K
Ensure uninterruptable operations of IT products and systems. DevOps for digital transformation.
starting from $10K
Digital Marketing
Develop digital marketing strategy and execution framework
starting from $8K
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Sintez is a company driven by 20+ years of experience in technology products development.

We have built the team of outstanding talents. Our experts have top notch experience in software development, artificial intelligence, IT consulting, design and marketing.

If you have been dreaming about your project or startup for a long time, we are ready to help you , we know the shortcut - we launched our startups, let's make your dreams come true)

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In global business
20 years
Customers from USA
We help with project development and turnkey MVP from idea to launch.

We help to develop solutions using artificial intelligence, computer vision and payment platforms.
MVP / Ready product
Assign dedicated team
Create project roadmap
Intro and interview
Turn project's idea into a technical specification for development
We create detailed development plan
Prepare project's roadmap: what to launch and in what order. We break down roadmap to the two-week sprint.
We discuss problem statement and help to outline product requirements and features
We detail the first tasks, build the backlog for the sprint and start to develop. Each sprint lasts two weeks.
Put backlog for the first sprint and start development
We assign high performative team: we bring into the project only those developers who have relevant experience and competencies.
We assign developers with required competencies
and skills set

Review, alter and re-align the development plan
We evaluate the result of the sprint and opt-in the feedback
Fixed Price MVP
We help to develop minimum viable product required within the agreed timeframe and budget
MVP is needed when
It is necessary to present the product to stakeholders or investors in order to receive a budget or investment;
It is required to evaluate the demand for the product among end customes;
It is planned to release the product to the market faster than competitors.
Agronavigator "Agroglobal" refers to the complex systems of precision farming.
Agroglobal Agronavigator software
Control system
The solution works with fuel cards on PAX and Ingenico terminals. And provides seamless transaction of fuel coupons, magnetic stripe cards, and contactless Mifare cards.
Software for POS-Termenals
Payment system
Automation of the paid parking system as part of the Smart City project.
WEB and application
Bioresource assessment platform: the abundance of Pacific salmon in the spawning rivers of the Russian Far East, Baikal and Ladoga seals, based on the analysis and processing of digital aerial survey materials commissioned by the All-Russian Research Institute Fisheries and Oceanography - the largest sectoral institute in the world
Monitoring of bioresources using aerial photo data
Computer vision
Automated processing platform
aerial imagery using Computer Vision and
neural network recognition of various types of objects with the provision of
reports on their spatial distribution and abundance
Digital Seaside
Computer vision
Computer vision platform for tennis matches analysis
SmartTennis platform
Computer vision
ERP and CRM system for tournaments and records of tennis players. Communication with the ITF
Tournament platform of the Russian Tennis Federation
A platform for teaching tennis, golf and other sports that require a personal trainer. AI algorithms compare the athlete's movements to a reference, increasing training efficiency.
Start Up - UpT
Finalist Moscow SportTech
Finalist AEA 2021 Japan
Finalist Play GCH Australia
Semi-Finalist Russia-China accelerator
CPO, product managemt
IT Advisor to the President of the Russian Tennis Federation
Sergey Marinichev
CMO, sales & marketing
Global sales leader, ex-Microsoft, Seagate, Kaspersky Lab
Maxim Frolov
CEO, project managemt
More than 20 years of experience in the field of IT projects
Alex Thrashcheev