About us

"Sintez" LLC is a company that unites IT solutions based on the «one-stop shop» principle: consulting, design, development of IT infrastructure, software development and further support of the customer's infrastructure and IT systems.
Company’s mission is to increase enterprises’ efficiency by automating their business tasks and processes.

Software, that we develop

  • Desktop solutions / C#, C++, Qt
  • WEB and SaaS solutions
  • ERP-systems (MS NAV)
  • POS terminal applications
  • Mobile applications (iOS, android)
  • Automation system OpenHAB, Node-RED

Software stack

Desktop and embedded software:

  • C\C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • R
  • QT

Web and SaaS:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript


  • Kotlin
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Objective C
  • Java

Last implemented projects

Agroglobal Agronavigator Software

Agronavigator "Agroglobal" refers to the complex systems of precision farming. It is a navigation equipment for fertilizing, sowing, spraying and allows the owner to save up to 30% of fuel, seeds, fertilizers and herbicides. The specialists of our company have developed a unique navigation application that fully satisfied all the needs of the customer and enabled him to get a unique product - the first Russian agronavigator. The platform is based on a mobile device running the Android OS, using the Xamarin platform, the C # programming language.

Fleet card processing system "Compas-Card"

Fleet card "Compass-Card" - own development of our company. This is a modern and affordable system of fuel cards and coupons accounting, which provides ample opportunities to manage these calculation tools. TC "Compass-Card" allows you to create a flexible system of cashless payments at gas stations, keep track of cards and coupons, choose the scheme of selling fuel to meet the needs of each client and implement various loyalty programs. A host-to-host integration with other large processing systems has been carried out to enable mutual acceptance of fuel cards from different vendors.

"Compas-Loyalty" on the basis of fleet card "Compas-Card"

"Compas-Loyalty" is a modern and affordable solution for organizing your own loyalty program in the sale of goods and services. "Compas-Loyalty" allows you to create a flexible system of rewarding customers on the basis of discount or bonus cards.

PAX and Ingenico terminal receiving software

Our company develops software for banking terminals produced by PAX and Ingenico. The implemented software allows you to work with fuel cards, magnetic stripe cards, as well as use modern Mifare contactless cards. The developed software works in conjunction with the Compass-Card processing system. The software is installed on more than 700 terminals. For development, the C programming language is used.

Gas station automated control system "Sphere"

The result of the accumulation of years of experience with both large networks and individual gas stations. This system allows you to fully automate the following processes at gas stations:
  • the sale of fuel and related products,
  • accounting for the receipt of fuel and goods,
  • monitoring operator actions,
  • reports on the work of gas stations and much more.
An automated control system was installed in the gas station network, with more than 100 service points. The system operates under the control of the Windows operating system and is implemented in the C # programming language.

Software for the defense sector

Our company has developed and successfully commissioned a specialized software package for organizing interaction and data exchange using radio channels of various frequencies, wireless networks and satellite communications. The development was carried out in the C++ programming language using the Qt framework for Windows and Android operating systems.

Automation of accounting and management accounting of big fuel company based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system

Our company has implemented the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in TNK South Management and TNK Kuban with a number of improvements to expand and adapt the functionality of management, accounting and financial accounting to the requirements of the client.
In addition, new functional modules of the system were developed and implemented:
  • a module for managing the chain of wholesale and small-scale fuel supplies from manufacturers to the end consumer,
  • an automation module for managing storage facilities and petroleum storage depots,
  • a back-office system for managing the filling station,
  • automated control system module of automated exchange of documents and NSIs between organizations and remote branches of the company.

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